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Welcome to I-Tect, Inc.

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I-Tect, Inc. is the designer of the new, patented product, the "Eye Protector".

Cable change-outs are costly & time consuming.  Not to mention, if your cable snaps, lives are at risk.  The solution?  The "Eye Protector."

The "Eye Protector" will cost you much less than replacing all of your cable lines. Just snap the "Eye Protector" over the cable eyes, and go! It's so easy.  Don't risk fraying or snapping cables.  Protect yourself, protect your cable, with the "Eye Protector."

Tired costly cable change-outs? I-Tect has the solution!
Use the Eye Protector!

The "Eye Protector" is a device designed to slip quickly and easily right over the cable eye, for maximum protection against chaffing, wear, and breakage. So you save time and money, by extending the lifetime of your cable.

The "Eye Protector" is effective in many area's of usage: logging, marine, utility, construction, and more!

Our Goal...
~ to save you time and money, by extending the lifetime of your cable! ~

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Eye Protector

Protect your cable!  Use the "Eye Protector"!

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