About the Eye Protector
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Eye Protector with shackle
The Eye Protector is available in 4 sizes:

The Eye Protector
is a device designed to slip quickly and easily right over the cable eye, for maximum protection against chaffing, wear, and breakage.

THE RESULT: It ultimately eliminates change outs, saving you time and money, by extending the lifetime of your cable!


Here is what a Captain, veteran of fishing the Bering Sea, has to say about the "Eye Protector."

"The 'Eye Protector' works extremely well and I am very pleased with it's results. I obtained full use of the bare wire shots and mud gear sweeps. The 'Eye Protector' guarded my gear and will eliminate the need to string mud gear for the next season. The 'Eye Protector' lowered my mainenance and was hassle free. I will definately keep the 'Eye Protector' on my boat!"

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